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Only quality and certified products
BEERSHOP "CHOOSES THE BEST"! Therefore, we cooperate only with trusted manufacturers and suppliers, whose products are of truly high quality and has all the necessary certificates and licences.
Wide range of products
BEERSHOP "SURPRISES"! By a wide range of products, by the number and variety. We have up to fifty varieties of draught beer on tap and up to five hundred kinds of bottled beer collected from around the world. On the shelves you can find only the most popular and unique snacks to your favorite drinks: all kinds of crackers, chips, nuts, dried and smoked fish, cheese, jerked and dried meat, sausages, seafood snacks.
Individual approach to each client
BEERSHOP'S "EVERY CLIENT IS PRECIOUS"! If you come to our stores, you will not go unnoticed. Our attentive consultants will always help you to find exactly what will improve your mood and leave only positive impressions.
Qualified personnel
BEERSHOP "UNITES". Our team is a friendly team of like-minded people truly loving their work and constantly improving their knowledge in the world of beer diversity. Numerous tasting events and presentations, competency assessment and just collective "drinking parties" make our staff true professionals of this craft.
Proper beer storage
BEERSHOP "GUARANTEES"! All shops are equipped with refrigerators for draught beer storage with the temperature constantly maintained at 2-3°C. Due to this, the products always remain fresh keeping their original taste and aroma.
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